We deliver GRC pots to these areas only

Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich (min $30)


 Are you outside these areas?


Check out our awesome Fibreglass Pots We can deliver these AUSTRALIA WIDE!!!



Lilly Bone
Lilly Pond CharcoalLilly Pond IronsteinLilly Pond BoneDSCN4763

Lilly Pond GRC


Size Diameter Height Price
1 111cm 62cm $499
2 92cm 51cm $289
3 81cm 45cm $199
4 71cm 39cm $129
5 62cm 34cm $99
6 55cm 29cm $59
7 45cm 25cm $39

Our GRC range is modern, massive, comes in 4 finishes and they aren’t heavy!!

Two people can actually lift even the largest sizes!

The large sizes look great as a statement next to a front door or courtyard.

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Pots are made from concrete, with glass fibres mixed in. The glass fibres give extra strength meaning the walls are quite thin but still strong and lightweight. For more info click back or contact us.

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Australia We can deliver these to the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Brisbane & Ipswich. If you live outside these areas check out our FIBERGLASS POTS.